March 29, 2017

Truck Parts

Truck Parts

Accessories- What are you looking for? a new part to get your car back up and running? chances are your truck runs great as it is! At Wetmores, our friendly and helpful staff will point you in the direction.

Brake Parts- One of the most important aspects of safety is keeping fresh brakes that work. Check out our selection of long lasting brakes. from hydraulic to spring, we have it all.

Cargo Control- The cargo is what really matters. We know that your cargo needs to stay safe and secure, and that is why we carry all class 6, 7, and 8 vehicle cargo control parts.

Chemicals- Come to a look at our big inventory of every chemical that you need for your truck. We stock degreasers, oils, antifreeze, leak sealant, and more.

Drive Train- We have everything from transmission to clutches. A well put together and maintained drive train is absolutely important part of a truck that is on the road a lot. We have transmissions that last from all of the most known brand names in the industry.

Electrical As the brains of the operation, an efficient electrical system is necessary for proper lighting, warnings, starting, and more. Check out all of our electrical parts from alternators to wiring harnesses.

Exhaust- Not just to pass a smog test, but for a smoother and quieter drive, take a look at all of our exhaust systems and accessories.

Heating & Air Conditioning-  Whether you are just driving across town or you are driving across the country, a well maintained HVAC system is very important for more reasons than driver comfort. We have all of the parts you may need for your air conditioning and heating needs.

Lighting- Make sure you keep up to date with new lighting, whether it be turn signals, warning lights, headlights, or brake lights. Stay visible and safe by ensuring that your truck is lighting up correctly before getting on the road.

Safety- To help you meet CSA guidelines, stay stocked with all of your truck safety equipment needs.

Steering & Suspension-  Steering, along with suspension, are the parts that need to be replaced more than any other part on your truck. Continue to do regular maintenance, and when your parts need replacing, take a look at our huge selection.

Trailer- Aftermarket and Oem trailer parts is one of our specialties. You need to make sure your trailer is safe and secure before you lose your load!

Under hood/in Cab- Reliability is held in the maintenance of your baby. Keep your truck happy and long-lasting by using our much needed engine and Cabin parts.