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Junkyard servicing all of the north county San Diego area. We can help you out for just about everything you need. We sell just about every auto part out there on a discounted rate. We pull clean parts off of cars and test for reliability and performance. You can get auto parts here for just a fraction of the cost from a manufacture. We also install engines and transmissions to get your car feeling like new.

Give us a call to find auto parts in north San Diego that you couldn’t get anywhere else for the price. We have the biggest selection of auto & truck parts in North County San Diego. Engines, Axles, Doors, Wheels, Transmissions, Lights and Fenders. Search our inventory from our search parts tab. In the event that we do not have your part, give us a call! We will go to work to find your part for you. We appreciate your business! For most of us, replacing common parts from your everyday vehicle is part of life. What sets us apart from other auto wreckers in North San Diego, is our commitment to perfect service. We’ve adapted a model that keeps our prices lower than anyone else while maintaining customer service and loyalty to our consumers.

Here at the auto parts center, we have the most massive range of auto parts. From brand new, to old and refurbished, we get the job done. We do a plethera of auto parts; lights, fenders, bumpers, interior paneling and electrical, to engines and transmission. We have been established for over 30 years and have streamlined our service and business in order to find all of the parts you need for the cheapest price. I know the last 9 months has been hard for most people. Job opportunity has been low, and the money has been scarce. that is why in this time of desperation, we urge you to think “used auto parts.” We can sell cheap used auto parts right here at our North San Diego Auto Recycling center. We can take that financial crush, of buying a new car or replacing some of your auto parts from a dealer. We can cut those prices in half of those that come from your local car parts dealer. We service the whole greater San Diego and North San Diego area. We deliver our auto parts and we also do in store installations.